How To Preserve Diamonds

Think of someone you look up to in your club. That always is around. It can be your coach, clubmate, chairman or just a person who is passionate for the club. Then think about what this person can contribute on different levels. Anything from experience to ideas and knowledge in all kinds of situations. Then by considering the following; are you active to preserve this knowledge?

Been thinking about this a lot lately. Before I start I want to say that it happens a lot of positive things in swedish judo right now. Upgrading, modernization and a more active education climate. Much has happened in a short period of time. But I”ve also thought a lot on the things that dont progress. Parts that are fundamental to the entire sport of judo and a problem that has existed for a long time, I think in all judo clubs all over the world. To preserve knowledge. Towards the older coaches / athletes who have put several years of their time into the sport. Those who makes it all work and look so easy. Someone that you just expect to always be present. Until the day comes when they put down the judo for good.Here is also the official clubwork just as important as the judo part. Both parts are dependant on one another. It”s an incredible amount of knowledge one club alone possesses, from boardwork to workout experience up on the judomat. How can you replace such a gap in a club when theese parts fall away?

Should point out that everyone”s judo years is valuable and I firmly believe that everyone has something to contribute to the sport or their clubmates. Whether you have been involved in judo for 5 years or 50 years. Everyone has ideas, thoughts, solutions and comments. Within themselves. You should only manage to find it and get it out. There may be no place to be heard in a club where there are many strong characters who determines. Maybe not beeing that responsive as a club and just running on.Right there you can lose many hidden diamonds along the way. If you think about how an incredible amount of people who have gone through each club over the years, so you probably realize pretty quickly. There could be many good clubpeople and  ambassadors of these who just passes through.

Consider the idea of ​​your own club and see what type of answer that comes up. Being able to see people and their potential, that is not a simple matter. But it will not be easier to just close your eyes and ears and drive on which we always have done. There we are doing Judo Sweden”s potential a great disservice. I know many examples over the years that have made incredible work for their clubs, maybe both districtswise and also for Judo Sweden who then just disappear out of thin air. As we lose, the whole of their journey and experiences. So this is something we really need to get better at.

There are many projects that benefit these individuals both methodology guidance and training on the KUL-projects that brings out the girls out of the clubs. But how we are actively working in the clubs is not yet optimum. To get there, there are different solutions. Does this work in your club then please share with us. This benefits all clubs when knowledge and potential can be preserved.

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  1. Jag har sett många fina ledare växa fram under åren och jag har själv haft förebilder som jag beundrat och beundrar mycket än idag. Jag har också sett när en del “diamanter” börjar behandlas som kungar och drottningar, och de börjar ställa krav på sin omgivning “Får jag inte ditten och datten, så slutar jag” med resultatet att folk smyger omkring med mössan i hand, när som helst beredda på nästa nyckfulla begäran att uppfylla.


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