To become a judoblogger

Hi Readers! Have you read anything from the over 77 different guest posts on judo blog over the years? Or have you recently found us? Would you like to be able to also participate with your own post? It can, for example, be of the following subjects: Experiences / History / Clubs / a Judo subject / Thoughts / Judotrips / Other events /

It certainly does not matter if you are an elite judoka, training, referee, parent, relative or have recently ended / started with judo. Everyone is welcome! Since judo blog has both swedish and foreign readers around the world, your post is of great value to us! Plus, your story will be shared all over the world. Judo blog is a non-profit guest blog. But how does it actually work? We will tell you!

1. You contact us that you are interested through our facebook page or
2. We respond and communicate forward
3. You write a text you want to tribute and then send to us
4. Judoblogg administrators will edit your text on to the blog
5. We will then double check with you as a writer until the publish
6. Ready to Publish!