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Welcome to Judoblogg.se

This is a Judo Blog for everyone to be able to post through me as an administrator. The purpose of the blog is to spread and combine all forms of judomovement as well as share interest in this amazing sport from Japan all over the world. The blogposts are published in both Swedish and English version. We are therefore proud to announce that we have both national and international readers worldwide who regularly visit us. 

Who is Founder?

My name is Eleonor and im a 29 year old woman from Sweden. I started early with Judo as a 7 year old in Färgelanda Judoclub. I have competed both in Sweden and abroad with good results. I settled competing as a 20 year old with more than 55 medals. In my club, i’ve is a child trainer for 11 years and also as a coach, camp organizer, administrator and has no plans for anything else. In October 2011, I conquered my black belt with my brother David.


In 2011, at the Färgelanda Judoclub’s Jubilee, I received a prize for my efforts in the
club, as well for my group Judotränare/Judotränande and Judoblog.

In 2015 at Färgelanda Judoklubb, I received a +10 year merit marks for my efforts of many years in the club.

In 2017 at the JudoGala of the Year in Stockholm, I received the award “Judo Act of the Year 2016” by the Swedish Judo Federation.  Basically for all my work on social media.

Group of Judotränare/Judotränande

In 2011 I started a Forum called”Judotränare/Judotränande” who now has over 2900 members. Its a group both for coaches and judokas, mainly for scandinavians. The purpose was that I found out that there was no place for all judokas in Swedish judo, regardless of whether they belong in a big club and whether they are elite or exercising or relatives of judokas. On this platform, you will be able to create new contacts, discussions, share events, news, results and have free opportunities to advertise your own club. 


Here you will find a lot of good, fun and very interesting Judo videos from Youtube that I put together and add new ones every now and then. These playlists are free to use and play at your club. The link can be found here. Click Subscribe and you will receive an update each time a new video is added. (Required that you have a youtube account).

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