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Marika Mourujärvi, Olofströms Judoklubb. Trained Judo for 10 years, green belt. Both train and compete with good results there after. Also, blogs for her own machine at the following address: Attention to her, through her blog, among other things, she wrote a heartbreaking thanks to her former judo trainer. Available to read -> here. She is a thrilling inspiration and a person worthy to admire.

An oasis in everyday life. It sounds like a bad advertisement for a swimming pool or spa facility from the nice neighborhood. So ridiculous. And what do I know? 17 years old and pretty confused, as you usually have to decide when you are right now! What to do, what to become and who you are. It’s not always easy. But that’s the life of the life either, so I will not complain! I am healthy, happy, and on my way to life. I, just like all young girls, worry about what people think, what I will get for grades and how it will happen to me when I’m forced into reality after that oh so lucky student in a year.

But I have something more. I have judo! I have my amazing club and the nice friends you get on the purchase! I go into Dojon, and forget everything. Because then, judo is true, physical and mental training in the form of play and seriousness, the body moves on automation and the focus is on testing, playing, learning and becoming the best version of yourself one can be!

Strength, speed, agility, stability, self-confidence and mental balance. This endeavors everywhere. Respect, courage, dignity.

Judo, is my oasis in everyday life. Where I can let go of the terrible control needs and the uncertainty I have.

Judo, has saved me and so many others!
I’m always grateful.

/ Marika

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