Judo – The Meaning of Life?

Rebecca Eliasson, 19 years old and blue belt from Färgelanda Judoclub in sweden. Have been practicing judo in her younger years and after several years of no judo, she returned to the judomat again happier than ever. After her comeback, she has recently conquered her blue belt, which meant a lot to her. We hope for many more workouts with this lovely and talented judo girl.

My way back.

I started with judo when I was 9 years old and trained regularly for four years. Until one day I thought that I never learned something new and therefore there was no point that I should continue. I remember how my coach Tommy tried to persuade me to come back after the Christmas break, he would certainly help me out. I lied to him and said that I would. But I didn’t come back.

Instead, I went into indoor-hockey for a while, then I started to dance and even running. For five years I was away from judo and it happened a lot during that time. In the end, I was lost in myself and no longer knew who I was or what I liked. When I decided to go back after five years, I hesitated. What if I could not cope with the workout? How can I cope if I didn’t remember anything more than O goshi..?

What would the others think, did they even remembered me? Should I have my white belt instead of the green?.. But stubborn as I am I forced myself to go and try again. I was received with open arms and immediately everything felt much better.

Once on the mat everything felt hopeless again, what would I do now? O goshi is not always optimal. I know someone told me it was just to let loose, so I did. I tried the best I could, and after three weeks Tommy came up to me after a workout and said: “Rebecca, you’re back where you left off five years ago.

When he said those words I was about to burst, it was the nicest thing someone have said to me in a long time. And on those words I live on even to this day. Each workout we give all praise to each other, something I’ve lost over time, and it’s a nice feeling to feel appreciated.

I am very happy that I decided to get back to judo. I have found myself again. It all could be likened to .. therapy? You feel such an affinity with the group, it is like a family and I usually say that im going to my second home. Right now I have finally got my blue belt. Judo is now the first thing I think of when I wake up and wonder if I’m going to train today.

Judo is an effective and varied exercise that fits all. And it’s never too late to start – or start over. Judo is more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle.


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