Sören Uhlig

Sören Uhlig is 36 years old, has 1 kyu and from Färgelanda Judoklubb, then before originally from Germany. He is a good child trainer, club functionant and has long been in judo sports as his passion from an early age.

When and where did you start training Judo?

Answer: I started in 1984 in Karl Marx Stadt, now called Chemnitz again, in the former East Germany in a club called “Motor Ascota Karl Marx Stadt”

How did you get in touch with Judo?

Answer: It was the dad who took me to a test session after he had been told that every Sunday I was struck by a little boy who lived in the neighborhood. It was true that not everyone could be included without the coach in the club selecting those who they considered were good. I was apparently one of them, so I had to start with Judo.

What does judo mean to you?

Answer: Much. It has always taken a big part of my life. As a child and youth there were judo and school, many competitions, so there was no room for so much else. Now Judo is a good equalization to everyday life. Hope my neck will get better so I can work out again.

Is there a big difference between a Swedish club and a German club?

Answer: It’s a difficult question. When I was training as a child and youth in the former East Germany, it was very intensive and competition-oriented passports. When I was 14 years old, we practiced five times a week a 2 hours. The goal was to be adopted at the judo school in Leipzig, which today corresponds to the judo gymnasium in Lindesberg. Now I do not have much to compare with clubs in Germany and Sweden. The times have also changed as well as training methods. Our children are currently training 2 pass a 1 hour a week which I think could be more to squeeze out the little extra. No, I think it has gone too much time to compare this.

Which medal are you most proud of?

Answer: It is probably the gold I took on the “Kinder und Jugendspartakiade” 1988 (Child and Youth Party). A competition that existed for all sports and where you won the district and county championships competed at national level. Something kind of East German OS maybe. Even the second place I took at the club’s club championship 2010 after 18 years of racing, I’m a little proud of.

What are your plans for 2012?

Answer: I want to expand my skills as a child and youth coach in the club. It gives me very much to convey my knowledge to the children. To be free of damage.

When did you start racing the first time?

Answer: It was in 1984. A club competition where I took the second place.

How did it feel?

Answer: It felt so good. I did not leave the medal in 3 days. (It told my mother, I do not remember myself;)

What is the best thing about Judo?

Answer: To throw and win!

What are your interests besides judo?

Answer: It’s music and photography.

What makes you happy?

Answer: It’s a lot, but because this is a jew log, the answer should be jewels-related. When I see that the children I practice take in when they fight, both on the competition and on the training and when they succeed in a technique that has been shown.

What is your favorite technique right now?

Answer: Be it before, it’s now and even in the future: Uchi mata

Do you have any Judo dream that you want to experience?

Answer: That my son wins his first competition.

Which judoka do you like best?

Answer: Henry Stöhr. My big model when I was training. His picture hung in the stairwell in the training room. Olympic silver 88 and many medals at the World Cup and EM. A big judoka. One more I like is Ilias Iliadis.

Difference on judo today and before?

Answer: I think it was harder before. The rules have changed and I hope Judon does not develop into a “blunt sport”.

Do you like the best about ne waza or tachi waza?

Answer: Tatchi waza of course

Do you have any training tips to share?

Answer: Listen to the coach!

Is there anything else you want to share with?
judoblogg.se reader?

Answer: I think I’ve shared a lot now;)



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