Big little leaders

Peter Westlund began training 1983 in Hedemora Judo. Club leader and instructor since 1991. Since then he started the Långhyttans Judoklubb 2010, which is a few miles from Hedemora.Various methodology supervisor on training courses, assisted by dangraduations. N-referee license and reached 2 dan.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a two-day course for future leaders in Judo for those who want to become instructors. Many of them had no or very little experience in leading groups, and this was the starter package in the form of lectures and practical exercises. They always ask the right questions. I listened to all their questions, like when they interrupted the leader all the time and asked everything from high to low. After that, I began to realize that almost all questions had the same pattern:

  • Specific
    The questions were often very specific – how to solve a particular problem taken from reality.
  • Observation
    The questions often came from observations made, which had begun an issue.
  • Engagement
    All questions meant something personally for the one who placed them, and all the other participants showed great interest, were actively involved in the discussions and problem solving.

These were the big little leaders who asked for advice on these things. About how to become a successful leader, but the matter is that the way the questions were asked themselves suggested that these people were already successful. In the way they become specific, in the way they observe and engage in their thoughts.

/Peter Westlund

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