Min fru är judoänka

Jim Thydén.

Judoka since 2005.
Coach and athlete in Rättvik’s Judo club.
Competes as often as possible.
Tested and passed for doping!

My wife is widow of Judo

“Every year we go away for a weekend and shop some Christmas presents, eat good food and enjoy the life without children. A little bit of newly in love kind of thing… In mid-November it was time to check the calendar on our iPhones and find a weekend before Christmas.

“Kerstin: The 19th, can you?

I: Well, go out with my colleagues, but on the 26th we can go!

Kerstin: Sorry, working, but 3rd goes well!

I: Fun, Norr Cup in Borlänge that weekend …

Kerstin: 10th then?

I: Naaaah, Veteran champoinships in Stockholm, did you know?

Kerstin: Sigh… 17th then?

I: Hardly that weekend, Rollatorfighten in Gustafs, you know, with the following Christmas table with the lads. But the weekend after it would work! No judo that weekend!

Kerstin: Best for you!

I: What?

/ Jim

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