Bubbly Ideas

A lot of judo ideas is bubbling as usual in my head. Finding new ways and new opportunities. Both in my own judoclub, the judo-coach group, judoblog and in contacts. My interest for judo is unconditional. I know that I can inspire and share my interest with many others but I also understand that some people think I’m too intense. But thats is’nt gonna change. Im trying to keep an open mind and have patience with the judo world and in Sweden. Different desires, experiences, liking and habits. To be able to meet everyone on its own level regardless where they stand. Oh yes, I have been listening on the psychology lessons and on the project K.U.L. Strategy and conduct. Not taking other people’s criticism personally, taking examining disputes in discussions in the same way among others. Back off, study it, review, and return.

Old invaluable knowledge

The idea pops up every now and then. How can we take advantage of the elderly, incredible knowledge in judo who has been involved for decades in the sport? The learning of important knowledge. Certainly not everything was better before but much good will come out of this. And those elderly maybe seem to have the ability to look down on the “younger” ones who are energetic in the sport. The elderly can be seen as negative for new solutions, changes and projects. You have to accept that both time and people change in all sports over time. Both good and in bad. But let’s start from TODAY. Start there. Regroup and come again. If there is anyone who has the chance to influence it’s you! And one of the most important out in the clubs is to take the younger generation seriously. Take them beneath your wings, teach them everything you can, pushing and guiding them forward. To safe our judo-future to live on and being in good hands. Because we all want that deep down right?

Live the judo code

Also a reminder at all levels of this sport. Acting after them. Many leave many of the judo-values ​​at home and embarking on the discussions. Sure it’s clear that we should show our opinion, but think once more before you open your mouth. If you speak much, start listening. Do you listen to much then start talking. Judo spirit is not a half- time priority. Something that needs to be said.



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