My Judo Letter

Hi! My name is Felix Kroon, I’m 13 years old judoka from Kallinge Judo Club. In this club I have been training for several years and have over the years come up to orange belt with green marking. Have tried other sports like athletics and handball, but after a while I discovered that Judo was the sport for me. Im not really the sporty type, almost never watch sports on television, almost never read sportsnews, but still judo is very fun. In addition to judo, I’m doing a lot more than that. Music is one of the things I spend my most time on. Singing in the choir, takes guitar lessons and is a pianist in a band called Bouquet. I also likes to ride my bike, photograph and cook. I also spend a lot of time at my computer where I do and mix songs, photoshop, tweet and keeping me updated.

A memory from judo that I want to share with you was when I won my first gold medal at the competition Skåne Series. Have never been really good at judo, I’m just doing it because the fun. My first competition was the most exciting and a new challenge. I got down to the competition mat, got beaten and went away without a single point. But it didn’t matter to me at all. I’m not disappointed at all. I was pleased that I actually managed the challenge to compete. That I wanted. That I dared. However, before the next competition I felt a bit more determined. Anyhow I hoped it would go better than the competition before. And so it did. Before I got to climb the mat to make the first fight, I was so nervous that I almost wanted to vomit. But luckily, I had easily resistence in this match and I just won my first match ever.

It continued to roll in the same way and it ended up with a goldmedal in my hands. It felt quite unreal actually. Something I never thought would happen, happened. When we were going home, I went with a smile on my face. If you want to get to know me more, follow me on Twitter by searching @Felix_Kroon. I twitter about my everyday life, opinions and everything else.


Best Regards

Felix Kroon

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